Roger is a wildlife pastel artist who produces realistic pictures of animals including wolves, horses, and his particular favourites, the big cats. He prefers to work with pastels, achieving this high level of realism by using multiple layers of different colours over the top of each other.

“With this type of painting”, says Roger, “it is essential practice to pay very close attention to fine detail in the fur and facial features”. On more than one occasion at our exhibitions, he’s been obliged to explain to a visitor that the ‘lovely photograph’ that they’re looking at isn’t a photograph at all, but one of his paintings !

He also says “When painting portraits, the eyes are usually the central focus of the picture, so it’s imperative that they appear beautiful and expressive. however, looking at the lion portrait on display, that doesn’t preclude a bit of artistic mischief on occasion”.

The artist is often commissioned to paint family pets and welcomes hearing from prospective clients. He can be contacted via this website.