June 2017 - August 2017

Please note that the studio is open from 6.45 to 9.15pm

There is no need to follow the programme, should you prefer to do your own artwork, this is perfectly fine. When we have a demonstration we would like all the members that are in the studio to attend. Always bring your own artwork in case of a last minute programme change.

Member’s night can be used for asking for advice/help from experienced members on a one to one basis, or in small groups of 6. You can always do your own Art Work, it is entirely your choice.

Small Group members can book their places on the noticeboard when a list is displayed. The person running the small group will stipulate the numbers they can cater for.

Programme June to December 2017

14 Members Night
21 Members Night (Committee Meeting)
28 (Finish and review of Project 2 set by Cyril S.) New Project 3 – Set by Ron F.

5 NB- Club closed on 5th July due to Academy not being available
12 Demo 4 Paul Talbot Greaves – Landscape in Watercolour.
19 Members Night
26 NB- Club closed on 26th July due to Academy not being available

2 Members Night
5 Saturday – Flintham Hall sketching & painting day.
9 Still Life evening- Bring flowers to draw and paint
16 Members Night
23 Members Night
30 (Finish and review of project 3 set by Ron F.) New Project 4 – set by June H.

6 Members Night
13 Members Night - Drawing figures – Volunteers required for 10 minute clothed sessions!
20 Members Night
27 Demo 5 Tim Fisher – Architectural subject in Line & Wash
30 Workshop 3 – North Muskham Mixed media workshop with Rita Sadler

4 Members Night (Committee Meeting)
11 Members Night - Paint A'Long with Lynne W.
18 Members Night.
25 (Finish and review of project 4 set by ) New Project 5 – set by
28 Saturday Workshop 4 – At North Muskham Richard Holland – Coastal scene in Acylic or oils (Note- Oil based or water based is fine)

1 Members Night (Committee meeting)
8 A.G.M
15 Demo 6 Haidee Jo-Summers – Still Life in oils
17 Pre-Christmas 2017 EXHIBITION - Friday 17th to Friday 24th Nov at ST Mary's Magdalene Church, Newark.
22 Members Night
29 Members Night – Small Group with Rodger B. 'Effects in Pastel'

6 Members Night
13 Christmas Party

Remember to look here for details of the programme and any updates to the programme (what to bring) and a host of other interesting information. For further information, you can always contact the Secretary or any Committee Member