Reg, a retired specialist in complex IT business process architecture, began his career in an engineering drawing office, thus giving him a fundamental skill in perspective line drawing. On joining the Newark Art Club, he discovered a gap in his own awareness of art skills, namely that of the application of colour tone and quality of line.

Chinese ink painting and Japanese Sumi-e, are to Reg, the art forms that use such skills to the utmost. With just a few strokes of the brush, the subject being painted can be captured. Unlike our own form of writing, the essence of Oriental writing is quality of line and colour tone, meaning in education all Chinese children must master this fundamental art form in order for their writing to be legible. In effect it is a part of their long evolved culture.

Reg jests with his comment “I am now trying to catch up with the Chinese masters but I’m a few thousand years behind in experience. Still, I am enjoying the challenge.”