Our library has recently been updated.Below is a list of books held by the art club for the purpose of lending to members.


Leisure Art Series
Sea and sky in watercolour
Flowers in Acrylic
Landscapes in Acrylic
Drawing trees
Light in watercolour
Water in watercolour
Landscapes in oils
Flowers in oils
Painting with oils
Painting with pastels
Light in Pastel
Landscapes in pastel
Basic drawing techniques
Buildings in Watercolour
Pen and wash
Drawing landscapes
Animals in watercolour
Creative Acrylic techniques
Painting with acrylics
Painting with watercolours
Flowers in watercolour
Landscapes in watercolour
Flowers in pastel
Laying a watercolour wash
Still life in watercolour
Water soluble pencils
Creative watercolour techniques
Figures in Watercolour
Wild flowers in watercolour

Encyclopedias of art techniques
Watercolour landscape techniques
Acrylic techniques
Pastel techniques
Watercolour techniques
Drawing techniques
Calligraphy and Illuminated Letters

Collins 30 Minute
Flowers in Watercolour
People in Watercolour
Landscapes in Watercolour